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I am honored to have been elected as your Kenosha County Board Supervisor in District 16, and now I ask for your support once more as I seek election to the Wisconsin State Assembly.  I believe that our state-level government is in desperate need of a trustworthy conservative representative who will be unwavering in the pursuit of more helpful, more sustainable, more sane policy.  As I have traveled the district over the past few weeks, I have heard the same concerns and fears: our elections are untrustworthy, our children are unsafe, our economy is unstable, and our state is in a continual state of unrest.  Wisconsinites feel powerless to stem the tide of deranged thinking and hurtful policies being pushed by far-left activists of all kinds, and many feel as though the entire country is in freefall.  I share all of these concerns—they are my motivation for running.

I am the only candidate with a verifiable record of advocacy for and dedication to conservative values.  Others may claim conservatism, but unless they prove it with action they are, at best, smoke and mirrors, and, at worst, in lead with liberal advocates trying to ensure a true conservative does not earn the Assembly seat for the 61st district.  My campaign is aware of several instances in the last year when radical left-wing activists adopted conservative language or ran as Republicans to undermine conservative progress.  Unfortunately, we don’t always know who is who. 


Therefore, we must judge candidates based on their track record and actions alone.  Below is proof that I am who I say I am:

  • I testified in Madison in support of the Fiscal Transparency in Education Bill (which passed) and the Curriculum Transparency Bill.

  • I testified in Madison for Senate Bill 366, which would prohibit discrimination based on vaccination status.

  • I testified in Madison for the Parental Bill of Rights and the Education Reform package, which was sponsored by Senator Alberta Darling.

  • I fought tooth and nail for KUSD students to have an in-person learning option for the 2020-2021 school year, and the parent groups I lead were successful.

  • I spearheaded the recall of the KUSD School Board President, which led to the successful election of two true conservatives to the School Board.

  • My advocacy group, Moms for Liberty - Kenosha County, regularly attends school board meetings in districts throughout the county to show solidarity and support for parents who believe they are the first and foremost best decision makers in their children's lives.

  • I ran for the County Board and won resoundingly. Now serving as the Chair of the Human Services committee, I am working diligently to protect our community from the kind of government overreach we experienced during the pandemic.

  • Because I am so passionate about necessary change, I have suspended my professional career to serve in not only one, but TWO levels of public service to represent We the People, whose voices must never be ignored again.

We must ensure we are not sending a flimsy conservative to the State Assembly, which is why I am humbly asking for your support.  I vow to remain dauntless and strategic in the fight to restore liberty and safety in the state of Wisconsin.  I will tackle the hard issues and never shy away from liberal criticism.  They cannot scare me because I know they are scared OF me.  County-level Democrats panicked and actively campaigned against me for County Board Supervisor knowing that I would dismantle their blue-laced policies.  It would be my honor to do the same to their agenda on the state level.

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