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Amanda Nedweski is ready to make big change happen in Madison. Just like you, she is sick of the corruption, immorality, lack of common sense, and pandering that has embedded itself in our state leadership for too long. Along with her extensive background in finance and research, the Wisconsin State Assembly needs Amanda’s dauntless and strategic mindset to ensure our elections are trustworthy, our kids are safe and not being influenced by radical propaganda, and our communities have the proper resources to fight increasing drug use and violent crime. Amanda believes in asking the hard questions and persevering in the face of obfuscation to uphold our American rights, protect our hard-earned money, and relight the fire of Lady Liberty’s torch.




Amanda is adamant about ensuring our streets are safe and our kids can grow up in strong communities. Violent and drug-related crime is on the rise. Our law enforcement officers need more support - not to be defunded. Amanda will champion state funding to recruit, train, and retain more officers and work to secure the equipment they need to do their jobs.


Amanda knows parents must have an effective and equal voice in their children's education. She believes schools must respect the parenting decisions you make for your children. That's why she has boldly fought to empower parents through curriculum transparency, school fiscal transparency, educational reform, expanding school choice, and much more. Amanda will continue to take up the sword and fight for policies that truly put students and families first.


If we are to recover from the past two years, we cannot continue passing the bill to hard working families. Governor Evers' recent attempts to increase taxes, expand welfare, and eliminate work requirements for public benefits is irresponsible. With an extensive background in finance, Amanda has the expertise to focus on spending cuts and the alleviation of heavy taxation while still increasing revenue. She will fight for fiscal and monetary policy that will curb the record high inflation that is hurting average Americans the most.


Free and fair elections are the foundation of our democracy. Republican investigators found serious problems with the 2020 election, and yet, Governor Evers' vetoed election integrity bills. Amanda supports policies that will re-establish trust in the election process, like eliminating ballot harvesting and banning private money funding of elections.


Reading, writing, and math proficiency rates for Wisconsin students are at unacceptably low levels, and they were on the decline long before the pandemic. Amanda will continue to support legislation designed to drastically reform our failing public school system. She is committed to advocating for increased access to charter schools, expanding school choice, overhauling the DPI school report card system to more accurately reflect student outcomes, and to breaking up oversized school districts in which highly inflated administration costs rob students and teachers of resources they need in the classroom. Amanda will champion parents as equal partners in their children's educational experience, which is a necessary element in the formula for success.

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